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What is The Monthly Marketing Content Kit?

You’re busy. Planning content ahead is your secret to reclaiming your time and elevating your work.

The Monthly Marketing Content Kit is a collection of step-by-step planning documents, templates, and resources to help you get ahead of your content production game and drive alignment internally to champion your program. Each month you’ll be invited to join a Trends Call where we’ll review what is currently working on all platforms, what trends to jump on, and what to start preparing for.

Weather you’re a business owner stuck in analysis paralysis with what to post or a marketer with an overwhelming number of ideas who just needs a starting point, this is for you.

How it Works

The Monthly Marketing Content Kit is released on the first of the month via email to your inbox as a Notion doc, handful of Canva templates, loom videos, and more. You’ll get:


Get Your Monthly Content Kit


Monthly Calendar

Monthly Marketing Calendar

Early-access pricing for the life of your subscription


Monthly Content Kit

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Monthly Marketing Calendar

50+ Content Ideas

AI Prompts

Canva Templates

Live Trends Call

Peer Q&A


Cancel at any time and 100% money back guarantee, if you don’t get value you don’t pay.

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